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Facilities in our group


In the group Homogeneous Catalysis we have the following analytical technique’s available:

  • GC (Normal, Chiral, Preparative)
  • Ultra Fast GC (Normal and Chiral)
  • GC-MS
  • Chiral HPLC
  • SEC
  • CD spectrometer (Olis)
  • (High Pressure) FTIR
    Kamer, Paul C. J.; van Rooy, Annemiek; Schoemaker, Gerard C.; van Leeuwen,
    Piet W. N. M.  In situ mechanistic studies in rhodium catalyzed
    hydroformylation of alkenes
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  • (High Pressure) NMR
  • Several different (multi) autoclaves
  • Chemspeed Accelerator Synthesis/Catalysis Robot
  • cold-spray HR-ESI
  • DSC
  • RT magnetic susceptibility meter
  • gloveboxes
  • X-band EPR spectrometer
  • X-Ray

If you want to know more about these technique’s, please contact us.